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Youth and Families: Accepted, Inspired, Healthy!

In order to achieve our Vision,

Lifeways works to:
• Strengthen alcohol and drug prevention programming in schools through education, intervention, support, and collaboration with the community.
• Model programming that incorporates life skills, interactive delivery, intensive participation, and strong implementation to prevent and reduce substance use/abuse.
• Provide consistent and reinforced positive messages that promote long term change.
• Set high expectations that convey respect, provide guidance, and build on the strengths of each person.
• Offer opportunities for participation, contribution, real decision making, and critical thinking skills designed to teach survival tools.
• Totally Student Oriented!


Lifeways Prevention Partners:

• Youth and Family Services
• Health Educational and Promotional Council (HEAPC)
• Pennington County Division
• Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Black Hills
• Behavior Management Systems
• Rapid City YMCS
• Wellspring Inc
• Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention Inc (ASAP)
• Partnership Rapid City



The “Circle of Courage”

The medicine wheel has four areas:

Belonging meaningful interaction in a culture of caring and connectedness.

Mastery guiding youth to discover their own sense of purpose and competence; and control over self and environment.

Independence encourage youth to make healthy decisions, solve problems, and show personal responsibility.

Generosity sense of caring, empathy and altruism; acceptance of responsibility for the welfare of others.

These are essential needs for youth--to increase their ability to be successful in school, stay drug free, and to live balanced lives.


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Lifeways Info:
Phone: (605) 716-6555
Address: 1010 9th Street, Suite 2
Rapid City, SD 57701
Fax: (605) 716-6557

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