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What parents say about Lifeways:

“We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for the positive impact Lifeways has had on our daughter and our our family moves forward, we feel very positive that with the support of Lifeways we will continue to make good choices.” “ (Lifeways) seems to have been a life changing experience for (my son). I can’t thank you enough for helping him to see that the path he was going down could have ruined his bright future.”

What students say about Lifeways:

“I learned that violence, drugs, and other negative stuff is not the answer to anything.” - 7th grade

“I learned that there are people that care about us and are willing to help prevent kids from using alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.” - 8th grade

“Thanks for your concern of our lives! It is important to us to know about the real world” - 12th grade

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What intensive prevention students say about Lifeways:

“...a reality slap. We don’t have friends who tell us these things.” - 10th grade

“The power of knowledge is mine. Only I can make a difference in my life.” - 12th grade


Lifeways Info:
Phone: (605) 716-6555
Address: 1010 9th Street, Suite 2
Rapid City, SD 57701
Fax: (605) 716-6557

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